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Yvette Ash


Yvette Ash is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in Family medicine with over fifteen years of experience in the medical field. Yvette started her career in medicine as a nurse technician and filled many other roles including emergency room nurse and hospitalist before deciding to take her career in a new direction with cAARe Health Enterprise. Her breadth of experience and devotion to professional growth, learning, and teaching make her truly a dynamic health care provider and nurse scientist.

As a world traveler, Yvette has been exposed to many different cultures and health care delivery systems. From volunteering several years with a free clinic in Ghana to studying nursing leadership in The Netherlands, she has developed a well-rounded perspective of health and culture.

Yvette has also worked in many cities across the United States with clients from all walks of life. Her experience is reflected in her approach providing healthcare. She treats each person as an individual and provides high quality, evidence based care to meet individual needs. She strongly believes in empowering each client to take charge of their own healthcare and works with the client and interdisciplinary team towards the best possible patient driven outcomes.

Stacie Rice


For Stacie Rice, nursing is both a passion and a purpose. As a Clinical Nurse Education Expert with a career history in emergency medicine and nursing education, she has a wealth of knowledge and is an invaluable resource for the nursing staff and students that she trains and mentors. Stacie is dedicated to promoting the profession of nursing and to enhancing the careers of nurses through expert guidance and clinical expertise.

Throughout her career Stacie has worked as an effective member of many interdisciplinary teams and believes that healthcare is ever changing. She is committed to using evidence-based practice changes to drive positive outcomes for patients as well as health care teams.

Through her work as a nurse working in various cities throughout the United States, Stacie has experience with individuals from every walk of life. She values the connections she creates through nursing with patients and their families and aims to empower them to reach their optimal health goals--whether that be physical, mental, or emotional. For Stacie, health is multifactorial and requires a holistic approach. In addition to her history of clinical work, Stacie also has an impressive academic record. She currently holds a Masters of Nursing in Education and is completing a post-master's Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate. She strives to further enhance her education with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Kailyn Slack


Kailyn Slack brings a broad range of personal and professional experience spanning over 10 years to the cAARe team. She has worked with patients from a diverse range of cultures and from all socioeconomic backgrounds across the United States and abroad. She brings some of each of these experiences to her current practice making her a well rounded, and culturally sensitive provider.

During her career Kailyn has worked as a nursing assistant, nurse, clinical coordinator, and nurse practitioner, and has worked as a provider on multiple mission trips. Through her experience she has become familiar with the nuances of each role along the nursing spectrum. She is currently working toward her Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

A nurse practitioner certified in both Family Practice and Adult Gerontology Acute Care, Kailyn’s passion for nursing and learning are obvious. Nursing is her calling, purpose and passion. She has committed herself to providing high quality and uncompromising care and creating an environment that facilitates an open exchange between patient and provider. Her vast knowledge and experience allows Kailyn to tailor care to meet individual needs with exceptional results.

Sheena James


Sheena James brings a true generalist spirit to the cAARe team. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in cultural anthropology and a Masters of Science degree in Nursing. She is a Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Urgent Care and Emergency medicine.

Sheena was born and raised in West Philadelphia, attended college in Maine, studied abroad in Spain and Amsterdam. She worked in a prestigious New York City hospital as a nurse and epidemiology intern and in a Chicago inner city hospital as a nurse practitioner. With this experience she has the perfect balance of street smarts, book smarts, and people smarts. Having worked with people of all backgrounds she believes that finding a common ground is crucial to providing the best possible care. She is a veracious advocate for the practice of cultural competency in healthcare and views it as a necessary foundation for achieving the best possible healthcare outcomes.

As an avid traveler, with an abundance of creative energy and intuition. Proficiency in English, Spanish, and Dutch. Sheena enjoys learning new perspectives and new ways to solve old problems. Currently based in Amsterdam, Sheena is harnessing her creativity bringing an aesthetic flare and global perspective to the cAARe team.

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