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American Heart Association Certified Courses and The cAARe Difference

At cAARE Health, we are committed to helping medical professionals succeed by providing ongoing training that enhances skill sets for on-the-job requirements, growth and long-term success. One of the many ways that cAARe Health continues to enrich the lives of medical professionals is by providing certified training of American Heart Association courses. We provide certification in the following American Heart Association courses: Basic Life Support (BLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support (ACLS). Of course, BLS certification is a requirement for many medical professionals and focuses on the importance of rapid initiation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation during a potential cardiac event. Moreover, our ACLS and PALS certification courses focus on advanced and specialized training. While these certifications are valuable and can be found at a variety of training centers, we believe that no other training center will provide the personal attention to detail like us. Here are a few ways that you will feel the cAARe difference when you do your American Heart Association certified training with us:

• Be Tested And Ready

The cAARe Health team is committed to providing a supportive environment where you have the opportunity to broaden your leadership skills and become better at life-saving techniques in critical situations. You not only receive knowledge but also the vital experience of different situations where your professional skills are tested. We provide an enhanced and personable training experience.

• Be Confident

In healthcare, confidence matters and that can’t be any truer than in emergency situations where you have to provide life-saving measures like CPR. When you have the necessary training, you have greater confidence and can act quickly in any life-threatening situation. This confidence will also help you to quickly take control of the situation and facilitate an environment that helps turn chaos into calm.

• Be Prepared To Help

Critical, life-threatening situations require immediate assistance and quick decision-making skills which is certainly what our AHA courses enable you to do. With our training, you are always ready to take action and help regardless of where you are and when your help is needed. You know very well that your actions could be critical to someone’s life and you’re prepared to render help when necessary. At cAARe, we focus not only on the profession, but also the person. 

• Be Ready For The Job

How many times have you read a job description and it asks if you are certified in CPR? Probably most, right? Employers often prefer certified applicants rather than having to provide certification after hiring. Our BLS, PALS, or ACLS certification gives you the skills which are going to make you more appealing as a candidate to prospective employers.  Not only will our AHA courses position you as a stronger candidate in the marketplace, but we can also provide coaching to ensure that you will be ready for the interview. 

If you need to register for one of our American Heart Association certified courses, simply click below to connect with us. Our training center is located in Atlanta, Georgia and we will make sure that you experience the cAARE difference when you train with us. Connect now!

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