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Importance of Medical Assistant Intensive Training and Continuing Education

Being a medical assistant means having a career with growth potential and security! Given that this field is set to grow at a significant 23% through 2024, there will be plenty of jobs available for individuals who are well prepared to work in this field. At cAARe we are here to help you maintain your current certification, achieve certification, or simply to bring your job performance to the next level. We offer medical assistant intensive training and continuing education courses that prepare you to be among the most competitive applicants.

Have more questions about why our program is right for you? We have answers.

● You Get More Job Security

In our current world, job security is very important. By staying in an entry-level position and not improving your skills you are more prone to downsizing or replacement. On the flipside, if you advance your career with greater knowledge and improved skills, your value to your employer increases. As a result, your employer will try everything possible to retain you and you enjoy better job security with opportunities for increased pay.

● Keep your application competitive

This course is geared towards people who have worked as a clinical medical assistant in the past and would like to re-enter the workforce or individuals with clinical medical assistant training who would like to be certified. This course is designed to help you pass the certified clinical nursing assistant exam. Upon completion of this course you will gain 10 continuing education contact hours. Our course gives you up to date information in the field of medical assisting. Keeping your continuing education current and showing a desire to learn and grow makes you a competitive candidate.

The goal of this course is for your to be able to:

● Understand medical terminology
● Learn to complete different medical-related tasks
● Identify instruments
● Understand electronic medical records and how to use them
● Administer medications, including injections
● Record patient information properly
● Take better care of the patients
● Draw blood and send specimens to right places
● Take care of office administration

● You Get More Career Options

Medical assistants aren’t restricted to hospitals or physician’s offices. An intensive training program will prepare you to pursue more challenging careers, like office management or clinics which support a specific population or are focused on a specific medical issue and/or illness.

● You Are Able To Give Better Care To The Patients

Medical assistant continuing education is linked with improved patient outcomes. You learn the latest techniques and procedures in patient care and better equip yourself to provide the best possible care. Our Medical assistant courses focused on helping with patient assessments and care as well as administering treatments and medications within the scope of practice.

● You Keep Yourself Up To Date With The Latest In Healthcare

The reason why continuing education has become critical in healthcare is that it is a quickly evolving field. As technologies continue to evolve, new information is available and medical assistants must be up to date latest techniques and information. As well as staying compliant with your certification requirements, continuing education and intensive training opens new career paths by exposing you to new or updated information.

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